A number of resources are available from the Dead Space Project on St. Louis Cemetery No. 1. They can be downloaded or are linked to on this page.

Book of Maps

A Book of Maps for St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 containing 12 maps showing urban change around the site from 1723 and multiple maps of condition survey data was produced, along with the survey and illustrated survey manual.

Tomb Inventory

Summary data and images for the full inventory of St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 is available for download. The 365 page report contains two cemetery lots per page, as in example shown below.

sample page from inventory book

Coloring Book

A coloring book for St. Louis No. 1 Cemetery No. 1 was created using photographs of tombs at St. Louis Cemetery No. 1. Have Fun!

Coloring book

Selected Papers & Articles

A number of papers, theses, and articles have been written about the Dead Space Project. Selected papers are highlighted below.

Project in Print

Throughout the project, public outreach programs educated and involved families, school children, local craftspeople, tour guides, tourists, the preservation community, and the general public.


Watch the following video of project director Frank Matero discuss New Orleans cemeteries.