General Links to New Orleans

Simple and advanced queries to Internet search engines will return thousands of websites on cemeteries. Tighter searches such as "tomb restoration" or "historic cemetery" or the specific name of the cemetery will be more useful.

See Archive Sources for local repositories of historical information, Cemeteries for more links, and Conservators for conservation information.

History Websites

[Researchers] need to be able to critically evaluate a Web page for authenticity, applicability, authorship, bias, and usability. The ability to critically evaluate information is an important skill in this information age. — Kathy Schrock, Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators, 2003.

Historical Research

When looking for historical information on the Internet, researchers look for:
  • Primary source material
  • Clear documentation of sources
  • Balanced interpretation of historical facts, or a clearly articulated stance that separates fact from hypotheses and from the researcher's conclusions
  • A sense of the field; Evidence that the material presented was developed by those well versed in the field
  • Research tools, key word searches, on-line archives, links to related research sites
Researchers evaluate the worthiness of web-delivered information by certain criteria
  • Who did the research?
  • How has it been funded, Resourced? (Gives a clue as to how in-depth the work is, and/or how balanced is the interpretation)
  • Links to primary material
  • Inclusion of full citations, credits, and copyright information

A Selection of Sites for Historical Research

Historic Cemetery Websites

Show me your cemeteries, and I will tell you what kind of people you have — Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)

Interesting Cemetery Sites