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Using GIS intelligently requires a grounding in geographical knowledge. Applying the technology to history requires knowing how to contextualize and interpret historical sources. — Anne Kelly Knowles, 2002

Interesting Links - GIS Online

  • - The leader in GIS software maintains a site with many resources and links to outside suppliers of map data.

  • Geography Network - A popular site for maps and geography links.
  • National - Full resourse for maps and educational material.
  • USGS National Mapping Information - A good place to start for information on the United States.
  • TerraServer - This Microsoft site contains high-resolution aerial photographs and topographic maps from USGS. These maps can be freely downloaded and used.
  • GlobeXplorer Aerial Atlas - a commercial service that can deliver aerial images from National to House level views.
  • GIS at the National Park Service - The National Park Service has extensive GIS projects underway. Over 200 parks now use GIS for documentation, interpretation and analysis. The applications are unlimited.
  • New Jersey Spacial Data Clearinghouse - an example of the level of data that states are beginning to offer. Not all states have reached this level, but most states do have some level of GIS information available.
  • A Place in History: A Guide to Using GIS in Historical Research by Ian Gregory, AHDS, 2002 - An online manual on techniques, practices and ethics of using GIS for historical research.
  • Salem Witch Trials - A new way of teaching history through the use of linked original archival documents through a relational database and GIS.
  • Valley of the Shadow - Compares and contrasts 2 neighboring communities on different sides of the Civil War using primary maps and documents linked with GIS.
  • Lewis & Clark Expedition - Historic maps very effectively used in a GIS application to present history and geography. From the David Rumsey Map Collection.