New Orleans cities of the dead, her aboveground cemeteries, have fascinated visitors for centuries. While the reason for these aboveground cemeteries has oftentimes been attributed to New Orleans' swampy location and high water table, other reasons have been put forth including her Catholic history. One must also take into account the dearth of land during the founding of New Orleans and the rampant disease epidemics that took countless lives. Take a tour of this site to learn more about them, as well as work by the University of Pennsylvania Historical Preservation Program and associated programs to preserve, restore, and catalog tombs in New Orleans St. Louis No. 1 cemetery. While the emphasis of this work has been on St. Louis No. 1, the information here is applicable to New Orleans' other cemeteries as well. Learn about the History of New Orleans and her cities of the dead, the work done under The Dead Space Project, get more information about Tombs, and Take a Tour to find out more about individual tombs. There, you can Search for Tombs according to tomb number (tombs are numbered on this map here), archdiocese number, or ID name (first name on the tomb) or Search St. Louis No. 1 Map to find out info about specific tombs. For more info, additional Resources are available.